«Mamen La Cantine Fromagère»

Restaurant, Bar, Fromagerie, Terrasse


«Mamen» is your Groovy Cheese Specialised Spot in Bruxelles.


Located next to the «Halles de St Géry», in the heart of the historic district of Bruxelles.


«Mamen» is a place of life and love, around this common passion: CHEESE!

This Comfort Food to consume in all its forms!

And at «Mamen»'s place, it's always in a happy mood!


Julie and Alex, in love from 8 years and also business partners, opened their first restaurant in Sint Maarten in Caribbean Islands; today destroyed by Hurricane «Irma » on Septembre 2017.

And after one year of work, «Mamen La Cantine Fromagère» is finally here, in Belgium!


Cuisine, decoration, vibes are like Julie and Alex, generous and with good energies.

«Human warmth, good music and great food get always along well!»


Inside, a confortable space to eat on a super soft bench, giving on the opened kitchen;

Where you will probably find Alex preparing in front of you the famous «Grana e Peppe» Linguine pasta turned in a Grana Padano wheel, with butter and black pepper sauce, topped with San Daniele ham. 


Outside, a beautiful terasse to chill under the sun with a fresh «Blackberries and fennel Spritz», a tasty wine glass or a local craft beer.

(terasse is coming soon, around mid-April)


We regularly renew our selection of local and organic cheeses from Belgium's Farms.

And menu is changing following the seasons; To never stop to make you in appetite!


«Mamen» it's also to take away, soft or strong, you can buy at the «Fromagerie» all the cheeses you discovered.

A small advice... The «Pot'Colle» it's our artisanal maked «Cancoillotte» cheese;

To serve melted, it's almost an orgasme to dip your fries on it! Discover it for a first time, you will never forget it!


After this few words of presentation, it's with a big pleasure and emotion that we welcome you at «Mamen La Cantine Fromagère».


See you there!